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Lenten Vespers Worship Series

“Hands of the Savior”

Our Lord’s active and passive obedience for us is shown in His hands: inviting, healing, providing, praying, resurrecting, and protecting us.

Join us for Lenten Vespers worship on Wednesdays at 6:00 or 9:00 p.m. (livestream at 9:00 p.m.)

Feb 14 (Ash Wednesday) - Hands That Invite

We come because Jesus has beckoned us by the Holy Spirit and called us to repentance. May we respond today, throughout Lent, and for the rest of our lives, by coming to our Savior and receiving His forgiveness and love.

Feb 21 - Hands That Heal

After His preaching, the most prominent part of Jesus’ ministry was His healing ministry, changing blindness into sight, paralysis into mobility, and resurrecting the dead to life. In these definitive actions, Scripture bears witness that this Jesus is indeed the Almighty Son of God, who is our loving Physician, able to heal us of our diseases and to forgive our sin.

Feb 28 - Hands That Provide

Jesus’ hands were kind hands. In His ministry he often provided food and other gifts to those who came to Him. As it says in the great hymn by Thomas Chisholm, “All I have needed Thy hand hath provided.” May we come to a renewed remembrance of this mighty truth.

Mar 7 - Hands That Pray

Jesus’ hands were kind hands. They left no kindness undone, no expression of love forgotten. Indeed, they left no good example unexpressed. He encouraged and taught us to pray not only in the Lord’s Prayer, but also by His personal example. May we consider prayer today and, at Christ’s urging, truly become people of prayer.

Mar 14 - Hands that Resurrect

One of the great truths that we try not to face is that this world is a world of death. Because of sin, every living thing is moving toward its death. Yet this need not worry us, because our Savior has “Hands that Resurrect.” He can make us live forever. Knowing that sin is defeated, we can begin that life today.

Mar 21 - Hands That Protect

Jesus’ disciple Peter is a great example for us. Even when we are at our best and eager to set out in faith as Peter did on the water, we still need the hands of Jesus to protect us: from danger, from death, and from our own doubts and weakness. We praise God for the hands of Jesus that protect.

Hands of the Savior